View from our palapa towards Zicateli beach - Casa Rebecca is a luxury oceanfront Puerto Escondido vacation property for rent in Mexico

We knew nothing yet of the daunting task of furnishing our home. We wanted to create a tropical ambiance to our new place. With no big furniture stores in Puerto, we searched the Internet world wide and after thorough screening and researching we selected a high quality rattan furniture manufacturer in the Philippines. With their proficient help Becky designed and sketched all our furniture and selected all fabrics with great care and enthusiasm. Several months later they arrived on time and in perfect condition at our home.

After many consultations with the contractor, designing and perfecting every detail, the work was under way. Thomas even had a professional engineer in Canada review and improve the structure to make it more resistant to earthquakes. For additional safety we incorporated many North American Building code requirements in the design. The building progressed smoothly and quickly and we visited often to witness our dream gradually becoming a reality, brick by brick, and when the work was complete we knew it was right for us, as a luxury penthouse vacation rental in Puerto Escondido it felt like home.

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CASA REBECCA with view from our balcony

Let us tell you the story of how it all began, but first we would like to introduce ourselves. We are Thomas and Rebecca and live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We always had a dream to one day escape the dreary wet winters of west coast Canada and find a little spot in paradise to vacation and retire.

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“We would like to welcome you to our Puerto Escondido vacation rental CASA REBECCA in tropical Mexico, our home and get-away by the blue Pacific ocean and hope that you enjoy it as much as we love it”

The long search for an oceanfront condo started 3 years ago, with many hours spent scouting locations all over the world via the Internet. We then visited some of the most idyllic spots, but never really found what we were looking for, until one weekend, in May 2009, Thomas discovered a small seaside town in southern Mexico called Puerto Escondido and instantly fell in love with the place. He went there to see an oceanfront condo, but it was not meeting all our expectations. When he was shown a property on a 100 ft high waterfront bluff with an amazing panoramic view of the ocean, there was no stopping us, our adventure in Puerto Escondido began....

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CASA REBECCA a Luxury Oceanfront Puerto Escondido Vacation Rental Penthouse Condo CASA REBECCA a Luxury Oceanfront Puerto Escondido Vacation Rental Penthouse Condo


Casa Rebecca is a licensed rental condominium by the State of Oaxaca Ministry of Finances (Gobierno del Estado de Oaxaca Secretaría de Finanzas) and Income Tax Department (SAT - Servicio de Administración Tributaria).

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